Fall 2020 Action Plan

Hey all! As the fall semester rapidly approaches, we want to give you an update on how judo practices are going to look this year. Due to COVID-19 and UF guidelines designed to keep you safe, our practices will be drastically different. Specifically, there is no contact allowed, which makes it quite difficult to do judo. This semester, we hope to focus our efforts on conditioning, judo footwork, and the use of resistance bands as a proxy for throws. With this in mind, we have transitioned our two practices outside to mitigate risk as much as possible. Currently, these practices will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:15 PM-7:45 PM, although this time may change in the future (location details to follow). Masks are required as per university guidelines. We will also host a 30-minute zoom club meeting each week. These meetings are a chance for the entire club to get together, including alumni and those not in Gainesville. Each week, we will watch judo throws and videos and discuss judo techniques and skills, among other topics. This is the bare-bones summary of the next semester. Please take a look at our Reopening plan, which discusses our plan to keep everyone safe along with a more detailed explanation of our practices, which I have attached to this post.

Additionally, I will be hosting a zoom meeting on August 31, 6:30PM to welcome everyone and to provide further details about the coming semester. I hope to see you all there.This is going to be a crazy semester and everyone needs to be flexible as we iron out all the wrinkles. Even so, I hope that it will be a great semester.🙂

Sport Clubs Reopening Plan - Gator Judo Club - V2

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