As COVID-19 continues to ravage the country, we are taking steps to ensure safe and effective judo practice. We plan to have two practices to accommodate your risk preferences. One will be on-campus and will be similar to our Fall 2020 practices (no contact, outside, social distancing, masks). The other will be off-campus and will allow partner practice (contact within pairs, outside, social distancing, masks). See below for more details. For details about times and locations, please see Practice Times.

IMPORTANT: Please do not come to practice if you feel sick or believe that you have come into contact with someone who may have contracted COVID-19.

On-campus Practice (almost no risk)

Due to COVID-19 and UF guidelines designed to keep you safe, our practices will be similar to the practices held in Fall. Specifically, there is no contact, social distancing and masks and we will be practicing outside. We will focus on conditioning, judo footwork, the use of resistance bands as a proxy for throws, and we will also add some karate/jiu jitsu training. Please take a look at our Reopening plan, which discusses our plan to keep everyone safe along with a more detailed explanation of our practices.

Sport Clubs Reopening Plan - Gator Judo Club - V2

Off-campus Practice (low risk)

This practice is designed to allow members to practice throws and randori while reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission. These practices will take place on Saturday at 11 am to 1 pm. All people who want to participate in this practice will be grouped into pairs or triplets and will remain with the same group throughout the entire semester. The practices will take place outside (either at a park or at a local gym - TBD). Everyone will wear masks and each pair/triplet will be socially distanced from other pairs/triplets. In this way, COVID-19 transmission is limited to within pairs/triplets. Choosing a group is completely voluntary and up to the members. We will most likely have outside access to a 25' by 27' mat for randori. Each group would have an allotted time to use the mat and it would be cleaned between groups. If you are interested in joining this practice, please contact Tirza Angerhofer through the Facebook page or use the contact page on this website.

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